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Duty Called and He Obeyed1

Pte TE Townsend

Born on 29th April 189618 in his parent’s home, The Hollies, English Frankton17/19, Thomas Edward Townsend was the second and youngest son (out of twelve children) born to Mary and her husband Alfred4/5, a Farmer and employer5 with strong family links to Cockshutt.  His own Father had been both Farmer and Publican of the Red Lion Inn, Cockshutt2; named Thomas Townsend, it seems that they chose to name their new son after him2/18.

As the new parents introduced their youngest son to their burgeoning family5, they surely gave little thought to anything but the propitious and promising future awaiting him, as he learnt how to manage the family farm alongside his older brother Alfred5.

As the late Victorian era33 languidly moved towards its end, young Thomas began taking his first tentative steps into childhood.  With so many siblings, it is unlikely that he was ever short of a play-mate5 or opportunities for play; between them they probably concocted many adventures as they chased through open fields, climbed trees in the woody glades and hid inside the cosy barns.  Perhaps they even listened out for and followed the passing Hunt13.  All-in-all, it was a time when little seems to have disturbed the “noiseless tenor of our way”13, other than the raucous and good-humoured “Pro Boer” meeting held in the school in 190113.

With the dawn of the Edwardian era24, Thomas was attending the local School; as he joined his siblings on the daily walk, they probably took great delight in finding all the, “short cuts, gates, and weak fences”13, to help liven up the journey.

By the time he was fourteen, with school behind him, Thomas appears to have fulfilled his Father’s expectation by working full-time on the farm alongside his older brother Alfred5; his untimely death within the next few months21 would have deeply affected everyone.  Yet Thomas understood the importance of duty; he was the remaining son and regardless of his own grief, he found the fortitude to keep the farm going, whilst supporting his parents and family during this difficult time42.

Postcard produced by officers of 6th KSLI for Christmas 1916 in aid of The Widows and Orphans Fund

Within three years, change was again on the horizon as Europe descended into a bottomless crevasse of a violent, bloodthirsty war44; with no end in sight and the increasing demand for new recruits, Thomas went to Oswestry39 and enlisted with the KSLI 6th (PALS) Battalion11.

In 1916, Private TE Townsend 3362516 was deployed to France.  It was a time of intense hostilities, including the Somme Offensive and The Battles of Langemarke and the Menin Road (Ypres)25.  Yet, in letters home, Thomas reflects on the daily difficulties of life, such as, “the sweat … dropping off me like peas”, during the intensity of the Summer heat, whilst during Winter the only means of washing was by “breaking ice in a shell hole17”.

In November 1917, the Battalion was in action at Cambrai, the objective being to break through the heavily fortified Hindenburg Line25.  For the first time, massed tanks and new artillery techniques would be used50.  In the early hours of 20th November, hostilities commenced when, “the Battalion attacked the German positions46”.  Seriously wounded23 in the fray, Private TE Townsend was admitted into the Lord Derby Hospital, Warrington17, where he died from wounds on 4th December 191716/17.

WW1, British War Medal & Victory Medal

Posthumously awarded The British War Medal and Victory Medal11, Thomas’s final resting place is in The Churchyard, Ss Simon & Jude Church, Cockshutt40, where, on 8th December 191817, he was reunited with his brother Alfred42.  In poignant tribute, his headstone inscription reads, “Duty Called, and He Obeyed1.”

We Will Remember Him.



Memorial Plaque, St. George’s Memorial Church, Ypres




Pte TE Townsend 33625, 6th (PALS) Battalion, KSLI36

Died Warrington Military Hospital 4th December 1917 from wounds received at Cambrai, The Somme

Buried Ss Simon & Jude Churchyard, Cockshutt



Perhaps the summer woods will shimmer bright,
And Crimson roses once again be fair,
And Autumn Harvest fields a rich delight,
Although you are not there29.


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