The Ostler

Strong and of a Good Courage1

Born21 on 1st July 189120, Richard Henry was the son of Domestic Servant5, Fanny Thomas20; powerless to care for him, his grandparents, Ann (who had been present at the birth20) and Richard Thomas7 took him into their own care6.

As an agricultural labourer, Grandfather Richard Young’s income would have been meagre9; thus, it fell to young47 Richard Henry to supplement the finances by taking on any jobs he could; bird-scaring, sowing seeds and driving work horses9.

Model of Horse Carrying Artillery on Mud-Drenched Battlefield – Cloth Hall Museum

It seems that Richard, (Harry8) enjoyed working with horses.  After leaving school, (for which his attendance must have been exemplary, due to the school mistress boarding in the family home7), he had moved to Ellesmere8, and taken up employment as an Ostler26 at the Red Lion Inn8.

Situated on the main Shrewsbury to Chester road, with its considerable traffic, the Inn would have been a welcome refuge for many a weary traveller and horse32, which as the main source of power in the early 20th century24, remained a vital asset in keeping trade flowing; in rural areas, horse-pulled carts and delivery wagons still prevailed45.  In his daily contact with travellers43, Richard would have been one of the first to hear all the news, including the build-up to and imminence of war; an ideal position for him to act upon what he heard.

As hostilities commenced, and the War Office requisitioned half a million horses, mainly for logistical support on the front line23, Richard enlisted and was placed with ‘B’ Squadron19, 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars38.  On 15th August 1914, Private RH Evans, 9772, entered the Western European Theatre of War10, where he endured a long and cruel war for nearly four years13.

From the outset, the 11th Hussars, in the 1st Cavalry Brigade51 were engaged in fierce fighting, both mounted and on foot51.  In August 1914, in Mons44, they supported the BEF in the great retreat19 and on 1st September, having made a “cavalry charge with drawn swords”19, despite “heavy artillery and machine gun fire”51, they captured some of the first enemy guns and prisoners51.

But the nature of war, was changing.  In their next major conflict, in Ypres, October 1914, the 11th Hussars had dismounted and taken to the trenches19, engaging as necessary, in bayonet and rifle fighting19.  At the 2nd Battle of Ypres, April – May, 191546, amidst the mud and heavy artillery bombardments, the 11th Hussars experienced one of the first uses of poison gas46, by the Germans, when they were at the Hooge-Menin area19.

After this horrific start to the war, the 11th Hussars spent the remainder of the war engaging with skirmishes, spending time in the trenches, training the horses and new recruits19.  But with the launch of the German Spring Offensive in 191842, they endured very heavy barrages, especially at Hamel51.

Medal Index Card
WW1 Medals, 1914 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal

Private RH Thomas, 9772, died on 18th April 191813.  Posthumously awarded the 1914 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal10, his final resting place is at St. Souplet British Cemetery, France13.

We Will Remember Him.



Private Richard Henry Thomas, 9772, 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars.

Killed in action in France on 18th April I918.

Buried at St Souplet British Cemetery, France.


Good Bye Old Man Poster

Goodbye, old man; we’ve fought our last together,
You’ve struggled bravely, but you’ve got to die.
Old man, it almost breaks my heart to leave you,
Without one other word, except “Goodbye.”18 


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